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Are you ready to take action and achieve your goals? 

As A Coach, I Believe That Action Delivers Answers. My coaching Approach Is Focused On Gaining Clarity And Taking Immediate Action.

Bailey Mckee

"Lachie's coaching transformed my life. From breaking down challenges to designing a focused routine, my relationships, career, and health have never been better."

Andrew Canning

"Lachie's guidance changed my life. From a broken marriage to finding my true self, he challenged me to be a better father and leader. I wish I reached out sooner."


Overwhelmed with balancing a successful business and personal life, I turned to Lachie. We tackled different life facets, mapped out goals, and regained balance. He's a great coach for personal, fitness, and business perspectives.

Work with me

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Power 6-Week Intensive

Get crystal clear on your life goals across the 6 key areas. We'll design a plan, overcome obstacles, and set milestones to achieve your desired outcomes. With weekly 2-hour sessions and ongoing support, this intensive experience is priced at $4997.


Total Transformation 6-Month

Dive deep into the 6-week intensive and continue your journey with monthly sessions for 4 months. Experience ongoing support through phone and text, keeping you accountable and providing valuable perspective. Unlock your full potential for $8000. Invest in yourself and create the life you truly desire!

Ready to take the first step towards a better you? Book a strategy call with us. It's a no-pressure conversation where we explore your aspirations and see if our program aligns with your goals. It's about finding the right fit for you because your success is our mission.


My name is Lachlan Stuart

Lachlan Stuart, a distinguished speaker, coach, and mentor, is passionate about guiding high-achievers to unlock their full potential and build extraordinary lives. Leveraging his extensive experience in personal development, business growth, and mindset mastery, Lachlan empowers his clients to conquer challenges, accomplish their objectives, and unveil their true capabilities.

Running a prosperous six-figure business, happily married, and boasting impressive achievements such as elite-level sports participation and the completion of 30 marathons in 30 days in 2022, Lachlan exemplifies success. His authentic, straightforward approach inspires others to take decisive action, embrace their authentic selves, and achieve enduring success across all life areas.

Get to know Lachlan Stuart, an action-oriented coach with a background in NLP and a history of high performance in sports and business. Lachlan's methodology is centered around action - he's committed to assisting you in overcoming limiting beliefs and reshaping your identity. With Lachlan, you're not merely envisioning success, you're actively pursuing it each day.

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