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The Power of Honesty and Vulnerability with Frankie Lee. Ep 364

G'day mates, Lachlan Stuart here from The Man That Can Project. Today, I want to chat about a concept that's been a game-changer in my personal growth journey and many others I've had the privilege to converse with on the show - radical honesty.

Radical honesty is about stripping back the layers, being completely transparent with ourselves and others. It's about acknowledging our strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures without judgment or self-deception. It's about showing up as our authentic selves, warts and all.

Frankie lee podcasting with James Shore

Recently, I had a yarn with Frankie Lee on the podcast. Frankie shared his journey of self-discovery and how embracing honesty and vulnerability helped him navigate his struggles. He emphasised the importance of questioning our beliefs and patterns and the value of introspection in personal growth.

In this world where social media often presents a skewed perception of reality, Frankie encourages us to question the content we consume and the people we follow. He urges us to align ourselves with content that truly resonates with us and reflects our authentic selves.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the power of silence and introspection. Frankie encourages us to sit with ourselves in silence, to allow thoughts to come in, and to be non-judgmental of these thoughts. He emphasises that the answers we seek can be found in this silence.

So, how can we put this into action? Here are two steps you can take:

  1. Dedicate Time for Self-Reflection: Carve out a specific time each day for self-reflection. Use this time to practice radical honesty with yourself. Ask yourself questions like, "What did I do well today?", "Where did I struggle?", "What can I improve?". This isn't a time for self-judgment or criticism, but for honest assessment and growth.

  2. Establish a 'Radical Honesty Hour': Set aside one hour each week to practice radical honesty with someone you trust. During this hour, share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences from the week. Be open about your successes and failures. Encourage them to do the same. This practice can help you become more comfortable with vulnerability and can strengthen your relationships.

Personal growth is a journey, not a destination. It's about constantly learning, evolving, and striving to be the b

Frankie Lee flying business class

est version of ourselves. And radical honesty plays a crucial role in this journey. It allows us to confront our fears, acknowledge our mistakes, and take responsibility for our actions. It's the key to authentic living and personal transformation.

So, if you're on a journey of personal growth, I encourage you to embrace radical honesty. Question your beliefs, confront your fears, and embrace your authentic self. Remember, you're not alone in this journey. We're all works in progress, and every step we take towards honesty and authenticity is a step towards personal growth.

Remember to check out The Man That Can Project for more insights and conversations on personal growth, self-discovery, and the power of vulnerability.


In this episode of The Man That Can Project, host Lachlan Stuart engages in a deep and meaningful conversation with guest Frankie Lee. The discussion revolves around personal growth, self-discovery, and the importance of honesty and vulnerability. Frankie Lee shares his journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself. He talks about his struggles and how he overcame them by embracing honesty and vulnerability. He also discusses the importance of questioning one's beliefs and patterns, and the value of introspection in personal growth. Lachlan Stuart shares his insights on the importance of being present and listening in relationships. He emphasizes the value of showing all aspects of oneself, including vulnerabilities, in being a true man. Frankie Lee also shares his views on social media and the influence it has on people's perceptions of themselves. He encourages listeners to question the content they consume and the people they follow, and to align themselves with content that truly resonates with them. Towards the end of the podcast, Frankie Lee encourages listeners to sit with themselves in silence, to allow thoughts to come in, and to be non-judgmental of these thoughts. He emphasizes that the answers one seeks can be found in this silence. The podcast ends with Lachlan Stuart expressing his hope that the conversation has added value to listeners' lives and encourages them to sit with themselves in silence to find the answers they seek.

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