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The Masculine in Relationship: A Deep Dive with G.S Youngblood. Ep 314

Host (Lachlan Stuart): Welcome to The Man That Can Project. Today, we have G.S Youngblood, author of "The Masculine in Relationship: A Blueprint for Inspiring the Trust, Lust, and Devotion of a Strong Woman".

G.S Youngblood: Thanks for having me, Lachlan.

The conversation continues with G.S Youngblood sharing his insights on masculinity, relationships, and emotional safety. He emphasizes the importance of men being brave, setting boundaries, and being responsive rather than reactive. He also discusses the concept of 'emotional safety' and how it is often neglected in relationships.

G.S Youngblood discussing masculinity in relationships

Youngblood explains that most men are unaware of how they might be hurting their partners by not being emotionally available.

He identifies defensiveness as a common issue, where men often react defensively to their partners' complaints instead of understanding and addressing their concerns.

He further discusses the importance of expressing emotions in a masculine way, stating that men should express their emotions as a matter of fact without playing the victim or justifying their feelings. He suggests that men should be brave enough to speak their truth, even if it might not feel good to their partners.

Youngblood also talks about the concept of 'polarity' in relationships, explaining how men being more grounded and still can allow women to be more expressive and flowy. He emphasizes that men should provide safety, both physical and emotional, for their partners to allow them to relax into their feminine side.

Towards the end of the podcast, Youngblood shares some resources for men who want to learn more about masculinity and relationships. He mentions his book, "The Masculine in Relationship", which is available on Amazon, and his website,, where he offers coaching and other resources. He also mentions his Instagram account,@gsyoungblood, and a Facebook discussion group called The Masculine in Relationship.

Host (Lachlan Stuart): Thank you for sharing all of those and they'll be available in the show notes guys so just scroll on down. I really want to thank you for your time and also for writing the book. I highly encourage everyone listening to go check out all the links below because we just scratched the surface.

G.S Youngblood: Thanks for having me on, Lachlan. It was fun.

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