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Opening up on Addiction and Recovery

Every day, millions of people around the world grapple with the relentless grip of addiction. It's a journey filled with countless challenges and obstacles, but also one that can be overcome. In a recent podcast episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Drew Wild, also known as the Addiction Guy. Wild, a recovery coach, shares his profoundly raw journey of battling with alcohol and prescription drug addiction.

Drew Wild and Lachlan Stuart podcasting

Drew's journey is a story of resilience and recovery, where he unravels his personal transformation and shares insights from his perspective as a recovery coach. Drew Wild surrendered to the need for change, discovered the power of hope and self-education, and forged a path towards recovery. His engaging storytelling gives us a peek into his first trip to rehab, the realization of his addiction as a form of distraction, and the transformative path of self-reflection and acceptance.

The conversation with Drew highlighted the importance of compassion towards those battling addiction. It underscores the role we play in our lives and how they impact our behaviors. Understanding addiction isn't just about acknowledging the issue; it's about exploring the factors that contribute to it.

One of the critical factors discussed in the episode was the influence of environment, emotions, and unresolved life experiences on addiction. Drew narrated how he altered his surroundings to assist in his recovery. However, he warns that a change in environment alone isn't the cure. Instead, it's about understanding addiction from a trauma perspective and the role of acute and developmental trauma in maladaptive behaviors.

Understanding addiction also involves recognizing the different forms of shame that people often internalize and how it can manifest in maladaptive behaviors. This process requires self-acceptance and self-reflection. Drew talks about his journey of self-acceptance, learning how to be kind to himself, and introducing the concept of priming oneself for success.

The episode concluded with Drew providing insight into his coaching practice, the significance of a supportive system, and the power of engaging with our inner selves. Drew's story of resilience and recovery serves as an inspiration and a powerful tool for understanding addiction on a deeper level.

It's essential to note that the journey of recovery from addiction isn't linear. It's a process filled with ups and downs, successes and setbacks. However, with the right support, tools, and resources, anyone can overcome addiction and lead a fulfilling, healthy life. Let's continue to educate ourselves and others about addiction and recovery to destigmatize and promote understanding of this complex issue.

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