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Building Self-Esteem: The Key to Effective Communication

In the journey of self-improvement, we often hear the mantra, "Communication is key." But what if the key itself is locked away? For years, I was that person, holding onto a key that I couldn't use. I was too self-conscious to express my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs because I didn't back myself. I lacked the self-esteem necessary to communicate effectively, and it held me back in many areas of my life.

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The Importance of Self-Esteem in Communication

Self-esteem is the foundation upon which we build our interactions with the world. It influences how we perceive ourselves and how we believe others perceive us. When our self-esteem is low, it can feel like we're speaking through a muffler. Our words come out distorted, our messages get lost, and we struggle to make meaningful connections with others.

Research supports this experience. A systematic narrative review found that online technologies can increase self-esteem, perceived social support, and opportunities for self-disclosure among young people. On the flip side, it also found that harmful effects such as increased exposure to harm and social isolation could occur, highlighting the delicate balance of self-esteem in our digital age.

So, how do we unlock the key?

How do we build the self-esteem necessary to communicate effectively? The answer lies in understanding and accepting ourselves, in recognizing our worth, and in cultivating a positive self-image.

One way to build self-esteem is through physical activity. A study found that family cohesion, parent-child communication, and parental engagement positively predicted physical activity for both genders. Physical activity, in turn, has been linked to higher self-esteem.

Another way is through social connections. A study found a strong association between the use of Facebook and the formation and maintenance of social capital, with the strongest relationship being to bridging social capital. Bridging social capital refers to more distant connections that provide new perspectives and opportunities, which can boost self-esteem.

Building self-esteem is not a quick fix; it's a journey.

But it's a journey worth embarking on. As we build our self-esteem, we unlock our ability to communicate effectively. We find the confidence to express our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. We open the door to better relationships, more opportunities, and a better life.

In the words of Maxwell Maltz,

"Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on." It's time to release the break, build our self-esteem, and drive freely towards effective communication.

So if you are struggling to communicate effectively. Try taking it back a step and work on building self esteem and surrounding yourself with the right people. From there I guarantee you will start to communicate better.

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Lachlan Stuart

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