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Creating a community that empowers men to create direction for their life through strengthening mental & physical fitness


To build the largest men's mental & physical fitness community in the world


The Man That Can Project is a platform that empowers men to create direction for their lives through building mental & physical fitness.


Run by Lachlan Stuart & Bradley Matthews, the pair provide over 20 years experience in coaching and fitness. Through their experience and knowledge, they share the core belief that physical fitness impacts mental fitness and mental fitness, impacts physical fitness.

Fuelled by this understanding, the creation of a hybrid approach shapes the fundamentals taught at The Man That Can Project. Over the years of working with hundreds of men, Lachlan and Bradley also believe that no matter how strong you are physically & mentally, if you don’t practice gratitude and focus, you will always be chasing the ‘next thing’.


The success of the SMOV Academy comes through the focus of the below areas.


Life is happening now and it doesn’t wait for anyone.

Take action and control of your life now by joining us in the SMOV Academy.

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